Boat Wax and Accessories

Boat Wax Basics You Need to Know

Boat Wax and AccessoriesOwning a boat isn't just about having the luxury of cruising through a lake or the ocean at your pleasure. It is also about commitment. There's an old saying among boat owners. They say that “the two happiest days of a boat owner's life are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat.” While this is true for the average boat owner, the prepared and knowledgeable boat owner may beg to differ. With the right accessories and the right maintenance, owning a boat can be a breeze. And here's the first tip: If you've just purchased a boat, you need to invest in boat wax.

Why Boat Wax is Essential:

Of the many accessories and products you will buy for your new boat, wax is one of the most important. Wax protects your boat from wear and damage brought about by use and by being outdoors. It also helps you save on the gas you need to run the boat because a well waxed boat makes the boat slick, giving less resistance in the water. This means you get a smooth ride that uses less fuel.

Try to wax your boat once a week, or at the very least, once a month. This is especially important for boats that are used often or boats that stay in the water or aren't dry docked.

How to Wax Your Boat Yourself:

Waxing your boat yourself saves you money. Professional waxing services can rack up a bill, especially if you plan on giving your boat the treatment it deserves and waxing it once a month.

To start waxing, buy appropriate wax, one that is meant for the type of boat you own. If you are not sure what the best type is, ask for the opinion of the boat retailer or the company that makes the boat. You can usually find the wax in any boating accessories store.

You can choose to invest in a buffer (the kind professionals use) or you can rely on good old elbow grease and grab a few old terry towels. Follow the instructions on the container of the wax. You may have to dilute the wax and use a spray bottle or squeeze bottle to apply the mixture. Be sure to wet your towels and wring them out before starting.

Next, apply the boat wax mixture on a two foot by two foot area of the boat and rub it with a towel in a circular motion, spreading it evenly but not thickly. Let the wax dry as you work on other sections of the boat. Once you've waxed each part, you can give it a final rub down, sort of buffing it so it looks shiny.




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Boat Wax and Accessories

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